Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Little Houdini

I walked in to get my boys up this morning. I picked up their blankets, puppies, and pacifiers - typical detrius thrown out of the crib upon waking and playing. And there, under all those lovies, was a diaper. We are currently cloth diapering, and the evening selection had been an all-in-one (for those of you savvy on CDing!). For those not knowledgable in this brief but lovely part of life, this means the diaper was held on with velcro. Which D loves to undo and play with. The amazing part of all this was that both boys still had their pajama shorts on! Of course, I knew it would have to be D... and sure enough, it was. Lucky for me, it hadn't been long, and he was still dry. But, oh, what this means for coming months!