Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Little Houdini

I walked in to get my boys up this morning. I picked up their blankets, puppies, and pacifiers - typical detrius thrown out of the crib upon waking and playing. And there, under all those lovies, was a diaper. We are currently cloth diapering, and the evening selection had been an all-in-one (for those of you savvy on CDing!). For those not knowledgable in this brief but lovely part of life, this means the diaper was held on with velcro. Which D loves to undo and play with. The amazing part of all this was that both boys still had their pajama shorts on! Of course, I knew it would have to be D... and sure enough, it was. Lucky for me, it hadn't been long, and he was still dry. But, oh, what this means for coming months!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Holidays Fast Approaching

Holiday Gift Guide 2008

Can you believe the holidays are approaching? Where has this year gone?! Thanksgiving is next week already. Time to appreciate all we have in life... for me and my family in particular. Wow. How blessed I am to be able to stay at my parents' with my two beautiful boys. They are healthy, and growing well. And, although it brings plenty of screams and frustration, the boys are steadily moving forward in their development. Standing, crawling, growing teeth! And plenty of firsts: first Halloween (Thing 1, Thing 2, and mommy was the Cat in the Hat! pics will be posted soon), first Thanksgiving and first Christmas are coming up. Lots of family celebrating time. It will certainly be lively with 2 little ones running around this year! Too bad my brother won't be here to add his little ones to the chaos! :o)

In the meantime, it's time to start thinking about holiday gifts. What do you get little ones who have a million toys? Isn't that the eternal question? At least at this point they're too young to want, want, want. But I'm sure that's coming soon! One of my favorite websites has mother-approved suggestions - I'm looking forward to checking them out (even though they are often out of my price range, it's always fun to see what ideas they have!). Got kids? Check out Cool Mom Picks Holiday Gift Guide, and get a jump start on the season!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Hi Papi!
Well, Hito finally made it here in mid-July. It's been a crazy time for him... adjusting to a totally different lifestyle, seeing his boys for the first time, sleeping on the couch for a month! We've had fun dragging him around to see the sights:
San Francisco,

Santa Cruz (man, that water is COLD! but we swam anyway),
Six Flags (we finally got him on a rollercoaster for the first time after he swore that nobody could *pay* him to ride one! and of course, he ended up loving it... 30 mins before closing!),
bowling (watch out... he's a pretty good bowler),
and of course, meeting friends and family.

The boys have enjoyed getting to know Hito, and they love being around him and his rough-housing. :o) Hito will be going home in the next couple weeks (how fast time flies!). It's been good for him to see the boys, and we plan to see the DR next summer!